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  1. The Mamaluke

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    The Mamaluke – A sitcom pilot about a not-so-typical Italian-American family from Brooklyn.

    Lou, the father, lives his life purporting to be Mafioso, much to the chagrin of his wise-cracking wife, Marie. Toss in two grown, combative children, and a psychotic live-in mother in-law, and you have “agita” smothered in laughs and Parmesan cheese!

  2. Once Upon A Time In Queens

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    Johnny Williams as Carmine LaRocca In Once Upon a Time in Queens.

    After spending 20 years in federal prison for myriad crimes, ailing Mafia boss Joseph “Mr. Joe” Scoleri (Paul Sorvino) is released with a strict requirement not to interact with his old contacts in the mafia. And to ensure this, an FBI tail follows him. He quickly realizes that while the world around him may have changed, the habits of a mafia boss diehard.

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    Once Upon A TIme In Queens

  3. Honeymoon In Vegas

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    Johnny Williams as Johnny Sandwich in Honeymoon in Vegas:

    On her deathbed, a mother makes her son promise never to get married, which scars him with psychological blocks to a commitment with his girlfriend. They finally decide to tie the knot in Vegas, but a wealthy gambler arranges for the man to lose $65K in a poker game and offers to clear the debt for a weekend with his fiancée. Suddenly the man is insanely jealous, and pursues his fiancée and her rich companion, but finds pitfalls in his path as the gambler tries to delay his interference.

    Movie Trailer:

    Honeymoon In Vegas

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